In Memory of a Beautiful Soul, Nicole Blais

nicole blais.jpg

I first started working for Nicole Blais in 2011.  She knew I was a florist and called me just days before Valentine's Day that year, asking if I would be interested in helping her out for the holiday.

I started work the following day and Nic threw me right to the wolves...There was no grace period or was busy and time to rock and roll!!!

I absolutely loved being in her shop and working alongside her.  I'll never forget at the end of Valentine's Day, as we were wrapping up, Nic looked at me and said, "Can I keep you?"  It was such a sweet moment; one that I will never forget.  And how could I say no?!


Nicole was one of the kindest-hearted and considerate people I have ever been lucky enough to know.  She was incredibly thoughtful and had a true heart of gold.  Nic loved to laugh and was always trying to find good in any situation.  She was strong, resilient, and brave.  


Sadly, we lost Nicole in a tragic accident in March of 2019; a loss that her friends and family will never fully be able to accept.  However, anyone that truly knew Nicole, knows that she is at peace and that she is absolutely looking over all of us and helping to guide us. 


Fly high, sweet angel.

You were so loved, and you are so missed!